• Joe Sinasac

There is no ARCCC without support from its members

I just reread Pam Aleman’s blog post from last month. She is celebrating 10 years of membership with ARCCC and four years as president. It made me smile: I remember all too well the first time she showed up at one of our conferences. That, as café-owner Rick said in Casablanca, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It also reminded me of why the work of this organization is so important to Catholic communicators across Canada.

It’s a cliché, I know, to say that if there were no ARCCC, we would have to invent one. But clichés are clichés because they are often true. In Canada, as in many other countries, the Church is buffeted by all kinds of opposing forces, which have tended to challenge its authority and weakened its ability to respond productively to the many problems afflicting society today. Due to lack of funding and fewer and fewer willing hands, the many organizations we have developed over the last 50 years are hanging on by a thread.

ARCCC is one of those. The number of Catholic communicators working directly for dioceses, or in Catholic media, has declined in real terms over the last two decades. Fewer and fewer hands indeed. Given the situation, the members of the ARCCC executive have done yeoman’s work to keep the organization going and, in fact, increase its benefits for the members.

But this year we have reached a crossroads. Pam is finished two terms as president and must step down. We will need a new president. Secondly, with Pam become past-president, I will serve my final year in the three-year term of treasurer. Thirdly, we need a new vice-president for Central Canada as our current representative, Emilie Callan, has decided to call it quits so she can focus on her own heavy workload at Salt+Light Media.

Our constitution calls for an Annual General Meeting and, when necessary, elections for executive officers. Given that we have had to postpone our conference because of the Covid-19 outbreak, we are now trying to organize a digital AGM. We’re all working from home now, it seems, so stay tuned for updates. We need members to step up here. It isn’t healthy for any organization to have the same people running things for so long. I’m sort of the last one standing around here and I am the first person to say that ARCCC would benefit from some fresh idea and new energy. Don’t get me wrong: I have loved every minute of my work on the executive. And I have learned so much from so many of you; we’ve shared lots of great ideas and lots of laughs at our face-to-face gatherings.

So think about whether you would like to be on the executive. It amounts to a monthly conference call meeting, an annual face-to-face and, of course the conference. And more hands make light work. If you are interested in running for office, email me at I’d love to hear from you. And I know our ARCCC members would thank you.

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